Friday, May 20, 2011


WE START WITH A BANG HERE -FRIENDS! The women opposite has it in her.. has what? ... confidence..of course. (I have by intent termed the model as a woman and not a lady ...cos Kenny Rogers. LRB..and even Eric Clapton  has not painted a confident feminine personality in their songs.). Do you think that she can do anything possible for her to do? Do you think her capable of kicking ass? Do you think that she knows everything?...
Well, I don't know about you guys but my answer is yes. Look at the eyes and lips-the body language. This is a picture of one hell of a confident lady. This is confidence friends. And it comes with a little homework. Say, you are going out to sell pumps then you should know something about pumps. You may say "what's something"here-its that amount of  information related to the values of the product which a sales person should know like the difference between two models in your product line. Also,its the answer to the question by the customer " so, what's my cut-or what am I going to get out of it". Here the first person means the customer's organization. So, you should know what will satisfy him or her,
which will be in 99%!You can say "low maintenance" or "energy savings" or whatever, but its the dollars , which are meant

Before approaching the customer, make a mental check list and tick out the squares connected to product knowledge, technical matters which may be discussed, what are the customer's existing pump makes? What is the customer's application? Can I offer him something which will save him money in the future and is the offer provable with other customers? Do that, just try to kill all those butterflies in your stomach, open the door after knocking and ask him permission to come. ( Yes, butterflies fly in the stomach of all salespeople despite the experience-your boss has them too. There are different ways to solve this affliction. Mine is to tell myself that OK what is the maximum that the person inside can do to me. He can't arrest me or hit me. At the most, he can throw me out of his what am I so nervous for...and the butterflies just stop can do that if you want and the technique is not patented!)
Now the last point that is, your product saving the customer money. It may be so that there is no way. Both your and the competitor products are equal in quality. This will happen in a majority of your cases. You can still replace your competitor. How to do that ? just wait for my next post

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Gollum with "MY PRESSIOUSS"
Hi all of you out there,

I am really sorry for the long absence but I had to go and scout Mordor. Was I impressed? Wow man! Even now my teeth is chattering in fear. Luckily-had a long talky-talk with Tolky today and convinced him that me going on to Mordor, will not be that captivating. So now, it's Frodo!!
Well, I come first before my nephew!!!Moreover, I have had my share of adventures and it's Frodo's turn now
Coming back-I inserted a poem in the blog because no one wants to drone on and on in one subject for years. A little amount of interruptions -these have to be short- increases comprehension more or should I say "the presumed ability of comprehension" ??
Anyway-back to my favorite topic again " SALES" from the next post onwards. Till then, its bye from