Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sales As A Profession

We, indians, tend to underate salesman. Even today, people think that the word "salesman" is deragatory.

Selling is therefore deprived of its proper position of io the best profession. If you have a scenario where
* you constantly interact with other people.
* you devise your own way of fulfilling your responsibilities.
* Creative thinking is encouraged.
* The more the hours you work, the more is the monetary benefits you earn.
Then what will your reaction be? Will you opt for the hypothetical scenario or will you run away from it ?
In my case, I'll opt for choice 1 and make a Profession in Sales. Only in a sales job, do all of these come together. But you will be wondering what about targets, appraisals etc and the constant pressure. If you ARE thinking that, then it is because of faulty selling strategies in your organization or/and  lack of proper sales planning.

All things being equal, it is my firm belief that "Sales" is the best profession that a person can be in. If done right, the amount of satisfaction in sales is unparalled. Plus you earn money too as incentives at the same time.
What can be better then that? So, let me repeat this again that 'THE BEST PROFESSION FOR ALL PROFESSIONALS IS SALES AND ITS PARENT MARKETING'.

Watch this space for posts on marketing .

Sunday, August 15, 2010



Selling is perhaps one of the oldest professions or means of livelihood there is.
Without selling, you would not have been reading this post now and nor would I have been here. Selling or 'sales'noun has been instrumental in the growth of civilization.

If you want a definition, then selling is the art by which you trade something of value to you by an 'equivalent' item value-wise. Or sales is the science and art whereby you transfer your item/s ownership to your already identified market in exchange for currency or kind. It is the ultimate end in a manufacturing cycle which starts from raw material purchase for FMCG goods. Selling can be of anything-it can be a solid object, an idea, consultancy services, expertise etc. If you can recall Ted Kramer (Dustin Hoffman) was a salesman of advertising space, in the flick "Kramer vs. Kramer".