Sunday, September 25, 2011


In Sales & Marketing parley, you must have often heard  people going on and on about ‘leads’. What are these leads in the first place? Leads are discrete packages of information, which if handled right, can make the sale. It’s a FACT that whatever you are selling, there are people in your sales area at any moment of time who need to buy the item or has a problem for which, the item you are selling is  the solution. What we have here is a genuine case of demand and supply. What has to be done is to find out where the demand exists and to whom you have to meet to do so. The hardest part is this 'finding out part'.

Let us hypothetically consider a case study of a is A who is selling 'b' goods/services. At the same time we have a customer C who either wants to buy b outright or will buy b, once it is explained to him how b will fulfill his need. Here, your cue is to interrupt saying “so what’s the big deal?” the big deal is that both A and C are unaware of each other’s presence in the planet. Unless A is aware that C needs his product, he cannot make a sales call to C. Forget the demand in C’s company, A doesn’t even know that there is a person called C who is capable of taking a decision regarding purchase ofand thereby he can make an easy sale. (When I say easy sale, I do not mean a con game. I mean that C is knowledgeable about B and/or really requires B).
Now let us suppose that all such information are packed into small boxes and kept separately, in an organized manner. Whenever a sales-person wants to make a sale, he just collects a box, opens it, reads the info inside, says “Aha!” and off he goes to a buyer(whose information was there in the box), makes the sale and everyone is happy. This box is therefore the lead. Leads are indispensable little boxes of information, which will escape your attention maybe 8 times out of 10.  But these simple leads and your rate of generation of them, can make all the difference between a successful salesperson and a failure.

This is all the more true today as the rate of change in today's world is very high. Time is at a premium and there is no time for practice or 'dummy-runs'. Trying your best is just not good enough. This is very important so let me explain it again with the help of an analogy. Say you are a soccer player in the EPL. Now, maybe you are so skilled that you can bamboozle all defenders and kept the ball in the opponent’s penalty area for 30 minutes. But until you shoot and the ball bulges the netting, your soccer skills are of no good. So, working hard but failing to get orders due to ignorance about lead generation, is not going to get you a raise. And if you repeat all that hard work without sales for a few months, chances are more that you’ll get the pink slip. Today, in the sales bus, there is no room for passengers.
Now that we have clarified about LEADS, we will talk about how to generate them next time. Till then, its love from


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am today starting on the actual selling process-friends! Akshooaly, I was trying to do it for the last few months, but everytime I thought I’d start, I’d think of something which appeared to be a bloody life-and-death matters, so the son-of-a-gun never came out of the womb. But today’s a different story altogether

Through I’m going to introduce you to a slightly different way of selling -it’s called SBR which is short for 'Selling By Research' and the cool thing here is that you do not have to worry about no culture shocks, not even regional shocks. In SBR, you don’t have to worry about anything and a steady pace you will go along. This does not mean that you don’t have to work hard-you have to.But what you have is steadiness, pulse free pressure, no stress and you find yourself at-ease and smiling all the time. The logic behind this is at the beginning, you fix your speed and your pulsations if any. 
Therefore, you are never surprised if you sell the SBR way cause you always remain a step ahead of the competition & let's be honest- your bosses ( who can also be time wasters to the nth degree sometimes). The SBR way of selling is nothing but common  sense but its value lies in the eerie ability it gives you to know what's round the next  corner. you can easily dodge the shit thrown at you  by anticipating every move he or she makes.

And like all what I have written after we left the road fork, SBR is applicable only to capital high value selling equipment. Finally, SBR selling has been compiled by, classified and tested by me but it's not patented. So-you can use it without looking over your shoulder
That's all for today friends. Bye and Cheers-till the next time when we shall be covering 'Sales Leads and how to generate them'

So keep watching this space!!