Thursday, March 17, 2011



  Well love! I was sleepin’ and dreaming- of a ludicrous world lacking
Ego  and the rat-race; pretense and hypocrisy-had also been
left behind..  the sky was tinged with a fiery crimson and red ,
And the color of the oceans , love!….an exotic green! 

This world knew not the laws of  logic and science;
e.g.of the laws of Newton and the curvature of space.
And our existence is as shapeless blobs of virginal energy,
-pure and unadulterated---no body -no face.

And then suddenly, we were flying, love! at a gentle speed             
Over the wild colors of the strange terrain below,
sometimes, waiting for a cloud to pass, before we
fly again and sometimes, just going through.

On we flew, powered by multitude of  balloons, soaring above;
They were in a myriad of colors-green and blue and red..
And after a while we landed at a place-as beautiful as any Eden
And there was a house meant for us..complete with the karmic bed.

And then there was hand was between your legs ,
and we sought to couple, our writhing souls clasping each other tight;
And then love! as the LCD screen flashed “ 90% complete”,
love! some  son-of-a-bitch- turned on the light !