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What is the worst part of a sales job? Yup- it's those nose-in-the-air, pompous, immature and rude people you have the ill-luck to meet sometimes. These guys can hit you for a six, verbally but much to your chagrin, they are clients and more importantly, you cannot denigrate yourself to that level.
So-what do you do when you come out of a sales visit with a forced smile and you'r really seething inside. You need to let up all that pent-up energy. Sit down somewhere and play this game. After 5 minutes, you'll get your normal 'me' back. Trust me?


Saloon Brawl


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Howdy folks!

Today we talk about Selling By Research or SBR. However,we have to carry out two tasks before we start our discussions.
Before I start talking about SBR we have to again draw another fine line of demarcation. As I had told you before this method is applicable for high value capital equipment selling or bidding for a high value tender. So , me and those of you who are still interested cross over this hypothetical line with me, we have to leave you others behind. Actually -you are welcome to come with me everyone but all that “time’s precious..mustn't waste it crap makes me write this line. ( The bottom line is that its your time, right? and no one can spend it for you or give you extra time . If they can do nothing, why listen to them in the first place? Moreover, I ‘ve been getting pretty lousy reports from so the more of you come, the more is my interest. Did that feel bad? I can’t help it friends.. I just can’t be a hypocrite.Yes, seeing and reading my theory on the net does give a boost to me …but uh, if you people click at an ad or two, I’ll appreciate it. Everyone needs resources to survive and yours truly is no exception). By the way 2-3 million USD should be the minimum value of your offer. The item quantity being huge thereby big order value,also will not suffice. What you are selling should require expertise.

The second thing I will want to tell you is please keep an open mind..If I write that two and two makes five, don’t jump to the conclusion that I passed my examinations bribing my math teacher. Hear me out and then form an opinion. In selling, what is important your oratory skills or your listening skills?

The correct answer is listening skills.So you think that you already knew that. The next time you visit a customer who is known to you, just stop whenever you feel your mouth opening to speak, count 1, 2 ..upto10 and if you still feel like speaking, go ahead. The truth is that human beings are all in love with their own voices. And so ensnared are you by your voice’s …what-sex appeal? ..that you don’t even notice that you are interrupting a customer. It’s rude to interrupt someone speaking to you..he is giving you a few minutes of his valuable time and instead of being appreciative, you are being rude to the customer. Don’t believe me ? Fine take your colleague with you and ask him to keep notice. Do not take your direct subordinate. Take someone who will give you a neutral and unbiased report. Do it and the result will surprise you !!!

This post has become very long but the above were essential to state before we have detailed discussions on SBR, which we will definitely do in my next post.
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Sales Leads....Finishing it off

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So-by now-I am sure that you must have gathered a good idea of how and where to find links. Except for one-guerrilla selling, which I now will proceed to explain and you don't have to be frightened. Its got nothing to do with guns. ( The photograph is just for kicks!! )

As you may have correctly guessed, guerrilla selling is named so because it borrows some ideas from the concept of guerrilla marketing. It is really a concept in strategic selling, which we have not discussed here till now. I feel that it will be proper to show the evolution of guerrilla selling from guerrilla marketing. We will therefore go through it later. Right now, i can tell you that sales leads are generated from the products of the competition, finding out defects by talking to customers and positioning yourself as the magic-monger.

I will now request you to kindly go through all the classifications ofsales lead generating 
concept. As you go through them , what is that which is common among all. It’s knowlwdge or information. Ah-I can almost hear you saying “so”? So, how do you gather this information? Do you pay any third partiesto do it for you? Do you get it by unscrupulous methods ? No..not at all!!

You get it by research I’e. RESEARCH and that’s what my technique of selling called ‘Selling by research” or ‘SBR’. Cold calling will soon be out on its haunches, my friends as competition gets more intense. Selling success is going to be completely dependent on SBR in the very near future combined with relationship selling and it’s high time to jump on the gravy train nowTomorrow may just be too late!! So if you are a new member of high value capital sales selling group in India, it’s time to format your hard disk and reload all the information which you think is relevant. And as for the others, just press the DEL button.

I'll start on SBR from the next time Till then its love from 


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