Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Hi Friends,

If you will remember, we were discussing sales leads connecting to sales of high value capital engineering equipment and we had just started talking about a free B2B business portal called
You need to go to this portal (look at my last post for a screenshot of the portal’s home page). On the extreme left you will find a yellow box with links to catalogues, products, PROJECTS etc. Click on projects and you will see at least 200-300 nos of medium to high value projects in India, at different stages. Some  have been completed but most are 'in the pipeline' stage. To make things easier, the projects are even categorised into groups on the basis of the industry. 
Please refer to the screenshot below

The information given against each project is limited but sufficient, You get to know the project status, the cost, the promoter, the location. With these details anyone can come up with a plethora of information on the project from the net. Now the 80/20 law works here too and some of the projects will have been finished. But, you have what you wanted 'sales leads'. If you cannot cash onto this information and land up a few good and dandy orders, you are not a salesman. Time may very well be consumed specially in the first cases but later you will build up your own comfortable work cycle and when that happens, I really feel sorry about the competition. For readers outside India, this site does not list projects outside India (till now-so, maybe they have plans to do so)but my point is that there are a lot of sites on the Internet which can help you.What you need to do is to find them. 

If you do not take advantage of the net but rely on the same old unreliable word-of-the-mouth for your sales leads, well its your funeral buddy!!The internet is here to stay and revolutionize our creativity and the sooner you think about it that way-the better, 'coz in this story the turtle never wins the race, nor he is ever likely too.

Just a word of caution. It will not do if you devote all your time to do the above and be complacent about your work. This is a lose-lose situation. You have to give your routine work the same importance(if not more). The reason is simple. Not everybody will be convinced that what your doing will be good for the organization. People may call your activities as 'research'. From man's early days, we have always had an inherent negative attitude towards creativity inside ourselves along with a partisan streak. People think at least sub-consciously that they are the best. (For example, maybe some of you are thinking what gives me the right to give big lectures?..ha haa)

It is very easy to get carried away and ignore your work -your routine work, your reports etc. Don't do that -that can be fatal.
Wishing you luck

NB: If even after all that you have some problems in comprehension, you are welcome to get in touch with me for additional help, on a professional basis of course.