Sunday, March 08, 2015


Hello Friends,
          I’m back from my sabbatical. Now, before going, I was having a tough time here finding sales subjects to write ABOUT. Perhaps, you guys are thinking that “Holy Shit! This guy’s flipped”, but it’s completely true. I’ve covered more or less most of the areas in selling capital equipment Sales, which deserve mention. I had no interesting points. Moreover, as you may appreciate, everything in this blog, is what I believe in, what has occurred or I believe can happen. I have never used the textbook approach to blogging. 
( that is , take a textbook and write about all the interesting words you come across, making it look like things you know or /and have experienced). So, I went in for an 


         Post introspection, I find that there IS a problem but what about us introducing a not sales only but combined with Marketing and Business Management subjects. If that sounds funny to you, think about it this way. We were discussing selling Capital Equipment and /or Industrial Marketing. We will still be doing so but with the nuances of management science weavings into the fabric at random points. 

        So seat tight and put on your seatbelts. The show ain't over yet, not by a long way. 
Finally, on the International Women's day, join me in supporting women's empowerment, with this song of John Lennon entitled "Woman"

With lotsa love
Bilbo Hobbit