Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Now lets go in for a brief recap! How do we get anything and here by "anything" I mean "anything". If you want to eat then you are feeling hungry. so there is an input-the food and the result-you no longer want to eat. For every change desired in the state of an idea, principle or an object-you require inputs. For sales of engineering capital equipment, then some inputs are required. So, what are these?..

....They are four

1. CONFIDENCE: (I can almost hear the anticlimax)
4. A NON VIOLENT MR. HYDE ALTER EGO, with a toggle switch handy.

So, Think about that and I'll come back next time quickly-hopefully!
It's now goodnight or good 'whatever"-depends on where you are from

NB: You may have taken the ball into the opponent's penalty area and shot wild 10 times. Maybe, you have hit the crossbar 5 times. But, what counts is the goal!....that's a good piece of USKM (useful shit to keep in your mind), if you are in my profession. Remember Murphy's law ! It comes true every time.


Sunday, November 07, 2010

Selling High Value Engineering Capital Equipment.

Hi Friends, Its me again. Sorry for the long long absence but battling it out with ogres and trolls do consume time.
Before-we start on the topic which earns me my daily bread, I want to share with you something which nags me. Now, all books on sales, stress relief and time-management focus on being organized. Chapters are devoted to how to clean your table and how to file your papers. But, possession of an  organized mind-a mental progress map is far more important.
Every composition should have an organized approach, so that it can best serve society in the way it is meant to. So, I will in my next post elaborate on why high value capital equipment is important to me! Till then its