Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ghostbusters Trailer (2016 Movie) from SONY Pictures



The Invisible man,
Slips in to your bed!
Who You Gonna Call??

The GHOSTBUSTERS (of course)
and that too in 3D

Here's the official trailers now.

Happy Ghostbusting, folks
with lotsa luv

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Communication Tools. Applying the JoHari Window concept to High Value Selling of Capital Equipment. -2

Continuing from our last post, we can therefore say that the Johari Window is a 
model of a tool by which we come to know as to how we are faring in our  inter-
personal communications. Do people trust us? If not-why?  Have we
communicated with subordinates where we want to go i.e. why I am asking them to 
do these tasks? Are we continuing to have progress reviews & meetings at
predetermined milestones?  (The figure below shows the model)
johari window applied to sales & marketing

         By introspection, the manager can  
set the pane boundaries at different  
points (the boundaries need to be set  
 honestly if the output is to be of any  

The Johari Window is a great   communication review tool. However,because of thinking blocks, we fail to see sometimes fail to see the wood for the trees.
Now, what’s gonna happen if we use it between us and our customers? i.e. in our Sales Deals instead of in team communication. A good communication tool should work everywhere where communication matters. Hypothetically, let's say that, we are selling and/ or marketing high value business equipment /systems..Um......lets say an imported belt drive power pressure filter with five rollers which has a FOB cost of ϵ 570,000 including commissioning costs. ( I’m making a big deal of this because the JoHari Window will not be effective for small deals.)